Started Dogs

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For some people started dogs make more sense. Our started dogs are between 10 and 18 months old. They will be pointing, retrieving, have basic obedience, will have gone through bird and gun introduction and be ready for you to take over. (They will not typically be housebroken). Due to their age and training it gives the new owner a chance to see what the dog is likely to become, without the antics of puppyhood, which some people aren’t set up to handle.

Finished Dogs

Our finished dogs are typically professional hunting dogs with hundreds or thousands of birds on them; they are ready to move out of our kennel and into a family. We try to place these dogs between three and five years old; they typically bond quickly with their new masters and become members of the family. To get a dog trained to this level would take thousands and thousands of dollars in training and birds, and even then you don’t have the certainty that it will work. We recommend finished dogs for people who want a hunting dog now and don’t have a year or two to wait for one.